UNGA Working Group Considers Recommendations on LDC Graduation

8 May 2012: The UN General Assembly's (UNGA) Ad Hoc Working Group (AHWG) to further study and strengthen the smooth transition process for countries graduating from the least developed country (LDC) category held its fourth substantive meeting on 8 May 2012, at UN Headquarters, New York. The Co-Chairs produced a set of draft recommendations to strengthen the smooth transition process and smooth transition measures.

In their recommendations on strengthening the smooth transition process, the AHWG's Co-Chairs, Ambassador Jan Grauls of Belgium and Ambassador Brian Bowler of Malawi, note that: information about and understanding of existing support measures are key; strong national transition strategies are the basis for successful transition; and coherence is crucial. They also note that support from the UN system should be increased, and that some aspects of the UNGA's role in the transition process require clarification.

In their recommendations on strengthening smooth transition measures, the Co-Chairs note: characteristics of support measures during the transition period; the need for an early start of discussions on transition measures; the continued need for official development assistance (ODA) to graduated countries; the need to adapt trade-related measures to the new development situation; that technical assistance remains a valued companion; that travel benefits need to be broadened to new organs/institutions; and new mechanisms of support for smooth transition.

The draft recommendations from the Co-Chairs aim to summarize the issues and proposals presented by Member States and development partners in the AHWG, to facilitate possible further consideration. [Draft Recommendations] [Webpage of AHWG]