UNDP Recommends Adaptation Action in Pacific Island Countries

UNDPApril 2013: The Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (APRC) of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) has issued a report. titled “Climate Change and Pacific Island Countries,” on climate impacts and proposed responses.

The report is issued as part of a series of Asia-Pacific Human Development Report technical background papers. It indicates that within the last century, temperatures have risen by 0.6%, and sea levels have risen by 17 cm in the Pacific region, resulting in widespread coastal flooding and shoreline erosion. It also notes that the rate of increase has been faster over the past 10-15 years. Other impacts described include increased sea surface acidity, resulting in coral reef degradation. The report foresees displacement of people, and a decline in food security due to diminished food sources in near-shore marine ecosystems.

The report recommends: effectively communicating scientific information and appropriate adaptation actions; ensuring the effectiveness of aid targeting adaptation to climate change; redefining the roles of governments and regional agencies around adaptation; and working with influential individuals, such as traditional leaders and teachers. The report further suggests, inter alia: donor funding of Pacific Island Countries' core budgets to enable them to be stewards of oceans; and consideration of relocation options for those communities most affected by sea-level rise. [Publication: Climate Change and Pacific Island Countries] [APRC Research and Policy Series Webpage]