SIDS PrepCom Co-Chairs Release Zero Draft

SIDS Conference logo14 March 2014: The Co-Chairs of the Preparatory Committee for the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have released the zero draft for the Conference outcome. The SIDS Conference takes place in Apia, Samoa, from 1-4 September 2014.

In a letter to UN Member States on 14 March 2014, the Co-Chairs – Karen Tan of Singapore and Phillip Taula of New Zealand – recall that the Conference is mandated to result in a “concise, focused, forward-looking and action-oriented political document,” per UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 68/238. They note that the zero draft is based on the Barbados interregional meeting and contributions from Member States and other stakeholders, including during the first PrepCom meeting.

The draft outcome includes sections on: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities, and Pragmatic Actions to Address Them; Partnerships; Enabling Factors; Priorities for the post-2015 development agenda; and Monitoring and Accountability.

Member States are invited to submit written comments on the zero draft.

The PrepCom will convene in an inter-sessional meeting from 21-25 April 2014, in New York, US. [Co-Chairs' Letter]  [Zero Draft of the Outcome of the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States] [Conference Website]