PIFS Announces First Country to Access the Pacific Environment Community Fund

PIF17 June 2011: The Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (PIFS) has announced that the Government of Samoa is the first country to access the Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund. The PEC Fund is a commitment of US$66 million by the Government of Japan to support Forum Island Country (FIC) projects on the provision of solar power generation systems and sea water desalination plants.

According to PIFS, the US$4 million allocation for Samoa involves the development of a 400kWp solar photovoltaic project. The project will be managed by the Samoa Electric Power Corporation. The project aims to reduce Samoa's reliance on fossil fuels for power generation and contribute to climate change mitigation through the use of renewable energy. It is estimated that it will displace 135,000 liters of fuel per annum, representing cost savings of approximately US$150,000, as well as a reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. [PIFS Press Release]