GEF Reports on Tuvalu IWRM Demonstration Project

iwrm-gef6 May 2013: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Pacific 'Implementing Sustainable Water Resources and Wastewater Management in Pacific Island Countries' (IWRM) project has issued a progress snapshot on Tuvalu, reporting overall improvements in wastewater management and sanitation.

The goal of the project was to demonstrate how better sanitation technology and practices contribute to the protection of water resources, marine biodiversity, livelihood and food security.

The Tuvalu GEF Snapshot reports on progress in drought management, removal of sewage pollution across Funafuti, reduction of freshwater use for sanitation purposes, stakeholder engagement in water governance, and increased access to safe drinking water.

The Snapshot highlights the installation of 40 compost toilets that reduced 5% in groundwater pollution and improved access to sanitation of around 280 people. The project also facilitated the development of a national water and sanitation policy framework, which will improve monitoring. [Publication: GEF Tuvalu Snapshot] [GEF Pacific IWRM Project Website]